Monday, 14 June 2010


Begins here ninth account of operative me, agent animator Daniel Arce. Starting to bother with movement. Now that Torquemada has a body, skeleton and skin. How should he move? Well now this is a awkward position, cause all those months we've been trained basically in cartoon animation, but certainly Torquemada is not a cartoon character. So he's an inquisitor, he's serious, very serious, he got the power, control, he can't let any feeling to betray him. He is a rock. So now this is quite contradiction if hes is a rock, how a rock-man should move, does he move?
I went back to see references, and as I though the inquisitor in The Name of The Rose, moves quite subtle but the opposite to Bernardo Gui, Torquemada doesn't explodes.
The target is to talk in silence, to express movement in stillness. Tricky question.
Fortunately I received some pieces of advice from an actress drama student: Bruna Lungo, we had a conversation about the concept of dynamic immobility and also se commented an acting technique named "The corporeal mime" which means briefly how to use every single part of your body with a purpose: drama.
Well I guess is easier if I show you:

Here you can watch a beautiful moving/animation reference
. "The sandman" Shortfilm directed and animated by Paul Berry and Batty Berry Mackinnon - 1992