Saturday, 8 May 2010

About Torquemada project Pt.II

Following Don Justino´s eyes I ended into Spanish Inquisition and is hard to talk about that institution without naming Fray Tomas de Torquemada, the General spanish Inquisitor. And researching deep into it I discovered the "Directorium Inquisitorum" by Nicolau Eymeric (1376 aprox.), and I could read about the doctrines which rules the inquisition and discover terrified about some ludicrous laws and "logical" arguments to find, judge and condemn the heretics.

What I pretend with my short-film is to show how absurd and arbitrary is the idea of holding an ineffable truth, a dogma, interpreting gods thoughts and wishes and I say absurd because what is truth now can be the greatest falsehood tomorrow, what is a sin can be be a virtuous. What is god, can even be the devil in other time or furthermore, just for other people. Or even for ourselves in different contexts.